I am a strong believer in simplicity and that a great design doesn't have to be visually complex. There's so much beauty to appreciate in honest, visual aesthetics. With that being said, I love working with clean, minimalistic lines. As your designer, I will work closely with you to develop a brand design that reflects your personal style and story while using a uniquely, distinctive approach. 

My creative

Hello there, I'm Pamela. Founder, creative lead designer, and voice behind Pari. Stylist, dreamer, french native, wife and mama of three, and lover of all things vintage + mid century modern.

I have a deep love for fashion and designing pretty things. I am completely and utterly obsessed with HGTV's Fixer Upper. Above all, I believe in starting each day with a grateful heart and a good cup of coffee.

I approach both life and work with sincerity, love, and kindness. Always love with a whole heart and nothing less. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client fall in love with their new design.

Founder + Brand Director

Founder + Brand 

My design studio is currently based in the Greater Toronto Area and I specialize in brand development, website design, and event details.

After much experience in the floral and event design industry, I've discovered a new love and passion for brand styling and design. With my expertise from the event industry and interior design background, I know how important the use of perfect colour pairing, staying within cohesive elements, and how every added little details can establish or change the overall feel of any design.

I love what I do and I absolutely love collaborating with passionate business owners around the world, to help build and develop a brand that reflects their personal style and tells their authentic story.

The Studio


"Hiring Pamela to do the custom branding & website for my photography business was thus far the best decision I've made! It was so simple, so easy and every step of the  way I received the best client experience, the kindest, most genuine interactions with her and she was absolutely ideal, and I recommend her to fellow entrepreneurs all the time! I was truly touched at how connected to my project she was and how detailed, professional and stunningly beautiful the final product was. I'm so thankful to her."

Allann A. Brand + Web Design

"When I first reached out to Pamela, I had so many ideas in my head but no real clear vision. I knew the colors I wanted, but otherwise was all over the place. What I appreciated the most was how Pamela was able to hone in on the feeling I wanted my brand to exude, not just the look. She was able to turn that into a brand and design concepts that blew me away. It was exactly what I've envisioned and more. Pamela took the time to understand the essence of who I was - not just colors or fonts. For that I am forever grateful. 

Throughout the process, Pamela communicated with me every step of the way, going above and beyond to ensure she was capturing my vision while also incorporating design elements that I would have never have thought of doing. At one point along the way, I was starting to feel overwhelmed, not because of anything bad, but because I loved everything she presented and I couldn't make a decision to let one design concept go vs another. Instead of just emailing me, Pamela took the time to call me and kindly, talk me through various options - and was very patient in listening to my thoughts. She went above and beyond to make sure I felt supported, understood and happy. In my book, she over delivered. In her book, I believe that's simply who she is - she gives you her all and then some. 

My experience was wonderful and I would highly recommend Pari to anyone looking for branding. Pamela did all of this and more for me, and I couldn't be happier. She nailed it!"

Stacey L. Brand Identity

" I had been looking for a web designer for years and had no luck finding anyone whose design or aesthetic really spoke to me. It's really hard for me to make decisions about web or social content; it's a language I just don't speak. I don't know what I like until I see it, and my own website was so basic that it's a wonder I maintained a business. 

I belong to a floral design support group in San Diego, CA and one of the senior designers referred me to Pamela. I trusted her implicitly so when she said "you need her", I took what she said to heart. And boy did I ever need Pamela! I knew I couldn't keep letting time pass me by. 

I emailed Pamela the next day and we began a great email relationship. She really knows what she says she knows, and has the best customer service skills of anyone I have ever worked with. She kept me apprised of every development and change, and she gave me many valuable suggestions for how to turn this former mess into a jewel. 

My website is absolutely stunning and I can't even believe it's mine. I have received countless  compliments on it and I tell everyone I had nothing to do with it. Pamela far exceeded any expectation I had, and I am just so blessed to have met her. She is wonderful and your business will thank her a hundred times over. I would recommend her to anyone and cannot wait to do more design and branding with her."

Abby B. Web Design

" Working with Pam to develop branding and website for my interior decorating business was such an easy, positive experience! I'd never worked with a brand designer before, so didn't know what to expect, but her process was so simple and effective. The questionnaires she provided really helped me flesh out what I was looking for. 

She is excellent at maintaining communication at each step of the process - I always knew exactly what she was working on and where she was in the development of my brand and website. I never had to wonder what was happening. I really appreciated that. Plus, she's just a lovely person to work with. 

And I LOVE my branding! She nailed it. The colours and typography reflect my aesthetic perfectly. I couldn't be happier with the result. I highly recommend Pam and would absolutely recommend working with her for your website and branding needs. Thank you Pam! "

Robbin C. Brand + Web Design

" I reached out to Pamela as I had seen some of her work and was immediately drawn to her use of typography, designs, and having a fresh and mature take on branding. Pamela designed my logo and website along with other marketing materials. I'm in the design business - different field, but nonetheless I can tell she has true talent for this (something I don't think you can learn). She was always very responsive, always keeping me up to date with the progress on any projects. I had another friend rebrand at the same time as me and she used a different designer. Let's just say, she should have reached out to Pamela. She will always have my business. Thank you Pamela! "

Nancy L. Brand + Web Design

" This is one of the best websites I've seen in forever in the personal development or coaching space. It is so beautiful and luxurious. And it was fun to read my testimonial! You're very gifted in what you do!! It was lovely working with you, thank you for being so patient with me. "

Kari K. Brand + Web Design

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Growing up I didn't love my name. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either. Therefore, I struggled for a long time to accept it and embrace it as my own. After all, that is what makes me, well MOI. However, I still couldn't commit to using it for my brand but I knew I wanted something to reflect close to home. Most people know me as Pamela but my true name is Pamela Terri. With that being said, I thought what better way to incorporate and honour my name by mixing things up, with a unique, combination of my first! And this is how PARI came to be.

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Story behind the name







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